Sometimes a different take on a classic is not only a treat in itself but an opportunity to appreciate the original simplicity in a new light. By loose definition, to “deconstruct” a dish would be more a function of how its presented to the diner… for instance and example of the cuff(and perhaps a poor one) would be to serve a ceasar salad as a pile of romaine with a grilled baguette, a few shavings of romano and a piece of grilled chicken seperated on the plate but maybe brought together with a drizzle of dressing.. you are essentially serving a salad in a way that puts each of the ingredients on display in their own light. In this case i’ve partially taken apart a favorite of mine, eggs benedict. the first thing i did was seperate the egg into yolk and white and beat tarragon salt and pepper and a small amount of smoked serrano powder into the white. then put them back together in a pouch of saran wrap in which it will be simmered. The egg actually was a little overcooked this time. In the place of the ham i used a cob-smoked turkey leg from Dakin Farms in Vermont(i had actually just gotten back fomr a road trip), and brought it together with 2 grilled chipotle-lime bacon scones and a lime pickle hollaindaise which i added a small amount of cherry pepper brine to. It was a real treat for me and i wont lie: my actual portion dwarfed the one pictured :-)


~ by Chest Rockaway on July 8, 2009.

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