First post!

Well, its been a while now i’ve been thinking about starting a blog about food… i mean there are a lot of things id like to write about, but to me food really defines a part of my personality. In my mothers house growing up the social epicenter of the house was always the kitchen, and a lot of that rubbed off on me. Whether its a few drinks in the yard, a sunday night episode of Entourage, or even just an unexpected guest you can bet my time will be divided between you and the kitchen; I love to feed people. It must be the italian in me. I hosted a large thanksgiving party last year with the help of my friend Nick, and i remember after an entire afternoon of non-stop running around trying to get everything ready, we served dinner and did a toast and i took the opportunity to sneak out on the deck for a much needed smoke break. And i stood there and looked in the window and watched everyone passing around dishes and smiling and being together at the table and for the first time in my life i felt something that my mom and my grandma must have felt every time they sat at the head of the table on christmas or thanksgiving or any given tuesday night: and words fail me to convey that feeling to you, but i can sure as hell write a blog about it :-) Enjoi` – Jay

~ by Chest Rockaway on July 8, 2009.

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