Crispy Thai Beef: definitely worth trying.

I had gotten a dish at P.F. Changs(yes i know) that caught my interest. It was a stir fry of sorts with small shreds of beef that had a great texture and really great flavor. They were dry but it was in a really good way, almost like a hot savory jerky, only not tough at all. It piqued my curiosity into the makings of a great chewy, crispy beef, and as it sometimes happens my assumptions were right: corn starch is the answer. I decided to try my hand at a crispy beef so off to the supermarket i went.
I decided on a few thin sliced ribeye steaks. Looking back you probably could’ve gone cheaper in quality and still acheived great results, however i still use the ribeyes. When i got home i broke out my trusty vacuum sealer and compressed them in a 40/60 mixture of pad thai sauce and sweet mirin cooking saki, with a dash of Sriracha hot sauce. just a dash because the mirin is sweet and i didnt want to lose that. you could just as easily marinate traditionally with out vacuum but it cuts your time at least in half, and theyre about 1/4 inch thick so it was a good scenario. Before i threw them in the bags however, instead of pounding them i picked up each steak and use a kind of back and forth yanking motion along the length of the meat(ha, ha, very funny) in order to start to break apart the fibers and thin it out a little its ok to put a few holes in it during this process because its going to ultimately add textural interest to the finished product. The more mangled ones were much better in the end. So moving right along, when they come out of the bag, cut into strips and cover with corn starch while you heat up bout 1/4 incyh of cooking oil in a skillet wait until the starch gets gummy on the beef and fry away! and yes, well done is how i thought it came out best. drain and serve! i paired it with a baby bok choy slaw with mayo, honey, a dash of dijon mustard and lemongrass. sprinkle it all with sesame seeds and you have a great combo that is a really nice presentation.


~ by Chest Rockaway on July 10, 2009.

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