What makes your favorite ingredients better than wrapping them in meat?  Nothing of course..  It wasn’t long after i started seriously cooking that i realized that dark meat isn’t anything to be afraid of.  I mean sure, thighs have a lot of crap in them, but nothing a steady hand and a sharp fillet knife cant handle.  So we set out to take one of my favorites(asparagus and make a simple roll out of a butterflied chicken thigh:-) l_13906c94e3ce3ad86c357f24cd012f02

So we decided asparagus just isn’t gonna cut it on its own.  We quickly blanched some gorgeous swiss chard(with the asparagus, which also needed a light touch) and then sauteed a wild mushroom mix in some butter and various herbs.  Both went into the chicken thigh and were rolled up tightly and pan seared on a very high heat.  Of course these will need to finish in the oven, so while they did we reduced some cream with a habanero in it(whole, and later removed).  We paired the roulade with a cream based risotto(the aforementioned spicy cream reduction) and a beet powder which made it in unusual color and also added some more depth of flavor.  very well balanced.



~ by Chest Rockaway on July 20, 2009.

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