Troy farmers market.

So i actually managed to drag ass out of bed before noon on a Saturday and when i looked out the window it looked gorgeous.  So i was excited to take my first opportunity to check out the Farmers market a few blocks form my place.  I’d heard it was one of the best around and i was not disappointed!  After a stop at Dunkin Donuts Yvonne and I walked over to monument square…  and i was in heaven.  Produce, meats and baked goods as well as cheese people and even a friendly rooster were plenty to fill our morning.  The first thing that caught my eye was a garlic stand…   yes, garlic.

Garlic stand at the farmers market.

Garlic stand at the farmers market.

I had read about garlic scapes and was happy to see some available, as well as several different types of bulbs, including a Spanish Roja we picked out as per the dudes advice who was working the booth :-)  Scapes are the scallion-like shoots that grow above the ground as the garlic develops i believe and raw(or lightly sauteed) they have an intense garlic flavor.  After that i picked up the best Baguette i have ever had, and on the way out barely made it past the Argyle goat farms cheese stand.  So much great stuff too bad i didnt have more money to spend.  I later used the scapes in a shredded pork dish with the baguette and  cannot wait to do it again next week!  Do check it out if you have the chance.  It takes place every Saturday in downtown Troy.  Maybe see you there.  If you do make it down try some of the honey samples!
Scapes and Spanish Roja

Scapes and Spanish Roja

Perfect Baguette



~ by Chest Rockaway on July 20, 2009.

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