Onion Glass….


A couple of years ago i really got into this whole molecular gastronomy business thanks to my Alex and Aki over at Ideas in Food.  And one of the first things i had read was about something called onion glass….  well mine never came out like theirs did(almost see through and absolutely gorgeous) but the product i did produce was beautiful in its own way.  And when i say bursting with onion flavor i mean it:  you’ll be brushing your teeth all night.  a small shard of this half the size of a tic tac is the most rich and brilliant onion blast to your face you could imagine its really cool.  so flakes stirred into mashed potatoes, or a thin ribbon of it garnishing a plate is an intense surprise to the diner.

another interesting piece baked on a Sil-pat

another interesting piece baked on a Sil-pat

So it “basically” goes like this:  finely chopped onions and a little butter, cooked only until translucent.  Then put into a food processor and liqiufied, while slowly adding some liquid glucose, which is basically a liquid version of sugar you can buy at most baking supply stores.  Once you have your oniony puree you put it on a silpat, or in the case of the interesting bloom at the top of this article i used some silicone cupcake forms.  And you bake it on super low heat until it(ideally) forms a crisp.  However, mine would get sticky at room temp, so id keep them in the freezer until it was time to use them.  If i can track down my little black book ill put up the exact proportions tomorrow.  I’d really like to make an asparagus glass……….


~ by Chest Rockaway on July 21, 2009.

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