Corn salad with bacon vinaigrette…

DSC_0037One of my favorite crowd pleasers, in the summer especially is my corn salad.  The other day I had the opportunity to make it for a bbq I was going to and it came out perfect, so I’m glad I wrote down the proportions this time.

Bif fat love

Bif fat love

The real trick to this dish is a bacon vinaigrette that my friend Nicky showed me how to make.  It’s a basic emulsification using rendered bacon fat, and its outstanding and easy to make.  Not to mention it goes great with just about anything, so it would be a good weapon to add to your culinary arsenal.  While you’re frying your bacon(well done) put some water on to lightly blanche your asparagus.  When I say “lightly” I mean barely, and then shock it in ice water;  you don’t want to lose that nice texture and make it all stringy because it really is a nice texture to compliment all the fresh, crisp veggies in this dish.  I like to use the big fat grilling asparagus, you can usually find it year round.

Well done in this case means you can crumble it by hand.

Well done in this case means you can crumble it by hand.

So its pretty basic:   Chop up all your veggies, crumble your bacon and toss it all together  serve it slightly chilled.  For the vinaigrette your going to do as follows:

1 egg yolk

1 tbsp spicy brown mustard

4 tbsp apple cider vinegar

Rendered fat from 1 pound of bacon (thick cut)

Beat the egg yolk, mustard and vinegar together with a whisk, and then slowly start adding the bacon fat while whisking.  Drizzle it in slowly while you whisk until its all added and then give it a good 30 seconds of agitation and voila`.                                 The rest of the ingredients:

3 cans of corn

DSC_0030 1 small red onion

1 avocado

1 small jalapeno

1 cup sweet red pepper

1 bunch large asparagus, lightly blanched

1 tsp fresh basil

1 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper

1 pound crisp bacon, crumbled


~ by Chest Rockaway on July 25, 2009.

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