Fish Tacos!


I know…  if you’re like me, seafood fan or not the term “fish tacos” isn’t really very appetizing.  And quite honestly, while I HAVE been on a huge seafood kick lately, I really don’t get into straight up fish so much.  Scallops, shrimp, crab all day but fish isn’t something i’m in the mood for on a hot summer day.  Well all that changed the other night when my Mom suggested a mild white fish I had never heard of called Swai.  Apparently it’s a southeast Asian river catfish, popular in Thai cuisine, but due to the more ecologically friendly practices of domestic fish farms (and the factor of freshness) you’re obviously going to be getting fish raised in the US when you go to the seafood counter.  It’s very mild and coming out of the package had not so much as a hint of that “oceanic” smell that so many people unfortunately associate with seafood… it really is gross.  So in any case I started by removing the lateral line from the center of each filet, and then cutting each of these halved portions in half.  I just deep fried them using a strongly seasoned egg batter (I used dry mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and paprika) and corn meal.  Then i made a quick cole slaw and put them on a tortilla with a thin layer of horseradish aoli.  Super good!  Recipe is below :-)


Seasoned, beaten eggs; Corn meal; Vegetable oil for frying

Slaw: Bagged coleslaw mix(I know, give me a break.),  Mayo, salt/pepper, squeeze of lemon, splash of white wine vinegar, cayenne, minced baby dill pickles.

Spread for the tortillas: Mayo, prepared horseradish, hot sauce.


~ by Chest Rockaway on April 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Fish Tacos!”

  1. No, they should never have fried fish nor garnished with a slaw. Just wrong in EVERY way.


  2. sucks for you my man. not only are you missing out, but you are culturally ignorant. Everyone fries fish :-)

  3. Not for good fish tacos they don’t.

    • what is your preference? grilled? i have yet to try that. the last time i did a pineapple salsa and queso fresco with an avocados sour cream. that would probably be more “san diego” if thats what youre going for :-) but i used haddockl, which i was not crazy about :-/

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