Morels! At last sweet, sweet morels…

Anyone who spends a lot of time with me knows I have somewhat of an obsession.  Foraging for wild food; and I suck at it.  One food in particular has consumed my interest, and that I have only once had the pleasure of(accidentally) finding is the morel mushroom.  I’ve never seen them available fresh in stores and it seems like I never will.  One of my cats is named Morel, and my girlfriend can barely walk within a quarter-mile of a wooded area with me without ending up detouring thru the forest in search of a seemingly mythical fungus.  But my lucky changed last weekend when i was browsing thru the dried wild mushrooms at the store and found dehydrated Morels.  I was pretty happy needless to say but not as happy I would have been had they been fresh.  But as it turns out they rehydrated to a beautiful texture and consistency and in the process made an amazingly fragrant broth which I reduced and tucked away in the back of the fridge :-)  We fried them with a light tempura and cornstarch and whipped up a quick horseradish sauce.  I couldn’t imagine them being much better fresh, but I’m not giving up that easily….


~ by Chest Rockaway on April 15, 2010.

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