Playing around with egg rolls

So how could something like BBQ chicken get better?  Well deep fry it of course.  We spent the afternoon working on a bbq sauce from scratch.  It wasn’t quite what I was going for, and thats why I havent posted a recipe for it, but it was definitely worth the time invested.  So we grilled some chicken, chopped it up and got to work on our eggrolls, which were also great.  But the real star of the show, as it sometimes goes, was the sauce.  I was working on a gas range that day, and apparently didn’t feel as though I was making enough of a mess, so I went about charring some jalapenos over an open flame.  When you blacken most any pepper, after it cools the skin pulls right away leaving you with a nicely cooked inside with a hint of roasty flavor.  So I pureed them into some heavy cream and while it was reducing, added some feta and a small amount of coarse ground mustard.  Things were getting interesting but something was missing.  Then with a spark in my brain I went rummaging around in the pantry and found something that just made sense:  a sweet potato.  After a few minutes in the microwave, I peeled it and pureed it into the sauce and a star was born.  Fire roasted flavor, a little bit of heat, the sharpness of the feta and now the mild sweet and texture of the sweet potato.  Paired with the bold and vinegary bbq sauce it was just made to be :-)  I served it with a cheesy black bean and sofrito rice, my corn salad and a glass of scotch.  It was one to remember.


~ by Chest Rockaway on April 15, 2010.

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