Something you need to try.

I spent the entire day shopping and cooking.  The ENTIRE day.  These little things that took me 15 minutes to prepare to hold over hungry guests were above and beyond all the crap I wasted my time on the rest of the afternoon.  I wish I had made plates of them.  I took a store bought pie crust and stuffed it into a greased mini cupcake pan and baked them into little mini pie crust shells.  While I was doing that I sauteed finely diced chanterelles with fresh sage, garlic and butter.  Then added cream and romano cheese, reduced a little and cooled.  Add the mixture to these little pie cups and serve.  It was amazingly rich and the depth of flavor seriously surprised me.  My raviolis were lame after that :-(  Boooooo.


~ by Chest Rockaway on April 15, 2010.

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