Easter Turducken at the Carolans

Turducken. I’d heard about. And to be honest it was one of those things that was interesting but I could go either way on. I mean I love everything in it, and I’m a fan of overkill I admit it. But something about it struck me as.. I dunno.. gimmicky.  A duck, inside of a chicken, inside of a turkey.  Well let me tell you, whoever had the idea of cramming little birds into big birds was on to something.  It’s like a pig roast.  It’s a spectacle.  It’s festive and people keep wanting to open the oven and look at it.  And it was awesome.
Our good friends Scooby and Stef, recently bought a home, and like me, love to entertain.  We have a very close, and quite large group of friends who all live pretty close together, so what better reason than a slow-roasting frankenbird to bring everyone together for a holiday.  This one in particular was form Neiman Marcus, and it was huge!  The turkey is de-boned except for the legs, and each layer is buffered by an outstanding cajun cornbread stuffing.  Not only that but he also had brought home an amazing fresh kielbasa form his home town of Utica that was a highlight of the day for me.  So after a toast and the ceremonious beheading of a lamb shaped pound of butter we demolished the behemoth, and it was, needless to say, a hit.  It was a great day with friends, the weather was great, and we all sat around and ate until we wanted to die.  In my opinion that’s what a holiday is made of.  I can’t say that I will ever attempt my own assembly of a turducken, because quite honestly, for the price, the quality and the amount of people it fed, it really was a good buy it seemed.  You can purchase Tony Chacheres’  Cajun Tur duc-hen here, but I’m not telling you where to get the butter lamb, because Scooby would be mad at me.


~ by Chest Rockaway on April 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Easter Turducken at the Carolans”

  1. I have seen Tony Cachere’s TurDucken frozen at both Price Chopper and Hannafords in Latham

    • wow rly? i think i recently saw whole ducks at price choopper and was surprised. was it during the holiday season?

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