Pan Searing scallops

I struggled to get my scallops nicely seared and dark for a while, but I think I got it figured out…  Most scallops at the store are salinated, meaning they are infused with liquid, and its done for a couple reason I guess.  One I’d assume being that they can get away with selling you salt water at 8$ a pound.   In any case, the presence of moisture is a crusts biggest opponent, so I put them in between a few layers of paper towels and set a heavy plate on top of them for about 20 minutes.  Then into a smoking hot lightly oiled pan, and right when I flipped them spooned in some rendered lamb fat that I had been saving infused with ginger.  Not only did the scallops have a nice sear to them, but the small amount of solids in the lamb fat crusted up a little too, not unlike cheese crisping in a pan.  Finished the plate with balsamic, chive oil and chili paste.  Awesome app!


~ by Chest Rockaway on April 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Pan Searing scallops”

  1. im so gonna try this, but i think this would go great with a light vodka sauce and pasta. And yes i have trouble with cooking scallops to perfection. Great Tip!

  2. Really good sharing this.

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