New cheese: Brillat Savarin

So I was out shopping for a bbq I hosted last weekend, and it really is one of my more zenful activities. I like to go alone and kinda just browse aimlessly. The asian food market on Central avenue is always a cool spot to find the most ridiculous things I’ve never seen before, but one place that I always enjoy visiting is the Honest Weight Co-op, also on central in Albany.  Amongst the local produce and awesome local meats is a shining star of a cheese counter; I’m not kidding its the best around ( a close second being Waterwheel Village).  So anyways, i didn’t really need any cheese, but a few things caught my eye, one of them being a soft cows milk cheese called Brillat Savarin.  It is actually a triple-cream Brie, but where Brie tends to have a soft, completely normal ammonia note to it when ripe, this natural rind cheese is mellow and creamy with the faintest hint of a cheddar-like sharpness to it.  I couldn’t imagine having it any other way than by itself or with some fruit, but I did melt it in a broccoli and mushroom pastry and it was outstanding.  Give it a try if you have the opportunity :-)


~ by Chest Rockaway on April 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “New cheese: Brillat Savarin”

  1. it sounds like a great cheese for a little extra thickness for a cream…something a little more rich than just regular cream. I definatly need to try this with some fruit

    • yea its truly awesome. whip it into a sauce for stability and texture and it will also add a great depth of flavor!

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