Pork Dumplings

I pulled some pork chops out of the freezer yesterday.  And I just sat there and looked at them.  Pork chops are so mundane to me.  I mean, they’re GOOD and everything but I mean…  I dunno.  Boring I guess is the word I’m searching for here.  So I went about my little kitchen brainstorming routine, rummaging around aimlessly and found a pair of chopsticks.  Sometimes thats all it takes to spak and idea for me.  A pair of chopsticks.  So out come the kitchen aid, pasta roller, meat grinder, steamer basket, flour, corn starch, seasonings, and before you know it my kitchen is a disater area.  Just the way I like it.

So we made a simple dumpling dough and rolled it out as thin as humanly possible which was a huge pain in the ass, because it was a little bit wet.  We dusted it with flour and secured it and then started on the pork.  Me and my Mom have made venison sausage in the past, and we found the best way to grind meat is cubed and partially frozen.  If its room temp it will be mush, so I did’t defrost it all the way.  It looked good, so we set about making the dumplings.  And let me tell you: if  I had to do this for a living I would kill myself.  It’s tedious work, its fragile, thin dough, and it’s easy to overstuff them.  But I eventually found my ryhthm and banged out about 30 of them.  Then me and Manuel sat and drank beers for a while.  I do need a break sometimes, you know.

So eventually (around 10pm, as always) I finally dropped them into the steamer basket over water, soy sauce and lemon juice.  5-7 minutes later I pulled them out and garnished them with a lot of cilantro.  I pooled last nights ginger and red wine braising liquid we did our short ribs in on the plate and set them atop it.  They were definitely worth the effort!  The only thing I would do differently is that the pork filling was firm like a meatball, whereas at the chinese place it;s usually musch softer.  But hey it’s a sacrifice I’m happy to make in return for the confidence that it ACTUALLY is pork.  You know what I mean?


~ by Chest Rockaway on April 30, 2010.

One Response to “Pork Dumplings”

  1. To quote my hero Homer J. Simpson “mmmm, porkchop…” *drool*

    Hooray for meat in dough!

    MSG. Awesome meat tenderizer. My dad would balk, but I freakin love the stuff.

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