Cranberry Stilton. YES.

I’m rediscovering an old friend with this one.  I had tried this a year or two ago on a tasting course at Antipatos Wine Bistro in Clifton Park (one of my favorite spots of all time), and while I’m quite sure I asked what it was, I promptly forgot and washed it away with another couple glasses of cab.  In any case, Stilton is essentially an English blue, but with little soft dried cranberries in it is typically of the white variety.  That may sound like a weird combo, but it just works.  You get the immediate punch of the blue, and as it fades and the sweet, tartness of the cranberries makes its entrance, something magical happens, all against the backdrop of an ever-present super rich creaminess which is often disguised by the pungent kick of a blue cheese.  Stilton cheese is a traditional formula, and there are several factors regulating its production of you want to call it Stilton, including (but not limited to) its locale of production, its traditional cylindrical shape, and of course “a taste profile typical of stilton”.  I suggest checking it out.  It is most certainly going in my duck.


~ by Chest Rockaway on May 2, 2010.

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