Cinco de Mayo, spicy food and Creole cooking.

Well here we are again.  The 5th of May.  Quite the big deal in the south, a day dedicated to celebrating the Mexican armys victory over the French.  Up here in New York however it’s mostly an excuse to drink and party which is just fine by me :-)  But in my kitchen It’s also the perfect time for me to try my hand at some real-deal deep south classic New Orleans Creole dishes!  woo hoo! If you couldnt tell form my recent activity I’m waiting on GE to send us a replacement bottom heating element for our oven so I’m limited to a broiler; stovetop options are attractive right now.  Anyway, I just started reading Chef Paul Prudhommes Family Cookbook, and not only is it loaded with amazing, legit creole techiques and recipes(proper dark roux, handling crayfish, frying) but It’s tempered with tons of stories about what it was like growing up during that time in the south and the mixed bag of ethnicities that contributed to one of the most unique cuisines that Americas boasts.  Growing up in a French-Cajun family who was DIRT poor…  and I mean dirt.. they learned alot about utilizing everything they could, including from the animals, and this frugality has brought us dishes like chitlins, tripe and pig feet, that a normal person(ncluding myself) would not really be too interested in eating.  But don’t get scared off.  there are plenty of great dishes in there that don’t include weird body parts.  This week on For Your Face I’ll be featuring some of Pauls classic recipes as well as several other renowned cajun cooks and my own.  So get in the spirit!


~ by Chest Rockaway on May 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cinco de Mayo, spicy food and Creole cooking.”

  1. spicy food is what i like the post
    Its great i like your blog

    • hey thanks man! yea i’ve been craving spicy food a lot lately! beginning to wonder if i may be pregnant, hahah

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