Sesame Seared Ahi, Crispy Panko Fried banana, Sriracha.


I don’t know how this came to me.  Probably one of those moments at teh prep station shoving random combinations of food into my mouth, I stumbled upon something special.  I was at the Asian market on Central Ave, and stumbled across some sashimi grade tuna, which is awesome, because I’m not sure I would be comfortable serving my guests raw ahi form Price Chopper.   

I coated one side withblack sesame, teh otehr side with white, and pan seared the two sides that had no sesame on them.  I evened out the sear with a torch, and while it cooled I fried banana sliced on the bias with a coating of tempura and panko (the american crumb-style, not the more delicate japanese flake) which gave it a nice crunch, giving way to the softer, warm banana center.  I put a dot of Sriracha on each slice, then topped it with a perfect cube of tuna.  Out they went and my guests loved them, so i was a happy cook.  Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, the Nikon wasn’t handy that day :-/ 


~ by Chest Rockaway on May 4, 2010.

6 Responses to “Sesame Seared Ahi, Crispy Panko Fried banana, Sriracha.”

  1. I love the black and white sesame seeds on here! I can almost taste em now! Yum!

    BTW, next time I eat tuna, I’m cooking it with a blow torch. Rockin.

    • yea! well i pan seared them, but in order to keep it that rare, i needed to finish it with the torch.. like a crackhead. hey, they’re on to something.

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