Foraging for wild food. Again.

If you regularly read my posts, you know that I’ve been in search of teh elusive Morel mushroom for some time now.  And with the exception of an accidental stumble when i was like 18, long before i had interest in them, I have yet to find any.  Totally lame.  But this is the prime time of the year, and we had a heavy rainfall yesterday, so I’m returning to the northerly location where i once saw them pop up.  Apparently the “number one rule” of mushroom huunting is that you never tell anyone where to find mushrooms, especially morels.  Well whatever I haven’t found shit so, I’m goin to lake Moreau State Park up north of saratoga to take some pictures and look for the elusive fungus without much hope.  And since Jeremys work schedule got changed I’ll be going alone.  Kind of a sad scenario?  Not really, I’m kinda looking forward to some solitude :-)  Maybe grab the new MGMT album for the ride.  Wish me luck!


~ by Chest Rockaway on May 5, 2010.

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