Kikuichi, Claire and The Gangster Whisk


As many of you close to me know I am smitten with kitchen stuff, (especially whisks) and a good knife is right up there on my list.  So Imagine my excitement when, right in my home town a kitchen specialty store opened up called Spoon and Whisk….  Great for my kitchen, maybe not so great for my bank account, because not only can I barely drive by the place without stopping, but its like right next to the beverage center with all the craft beers (more to come on that btw) and the Green Grocer.  Anyway, For my 30th birthday on sunday I was gifted an absolutely GORGEOUS Kikuichi knife… It’s certainly the finest blade I’ve owned, handmade by the people who know how to handmake a serious blade.  And so, of course I needed to go and get a special cutting board to use it on.  Well when I walked in there and mentioned the Kikuichi, Claire, the girl who works there immediately knew the knife and remembered selling it, and we ended up having a lot of fun chatting about this and that for a while, she was a doll and very enthusiastic about all things culinary.  So I ended up getting this DOPE whisk with some sort of captive ball in it (for my upcoming french macaron/merengue escapades) a knife-and-eco-friendly Epicurean cutting board, knife sharpener (NOT for the japanese steel) and a great spatula that im sure I’ll have for life.  This place is my proverbial candyshop, and I cant wait to go back and blow my rent money on a Le Creuset dutch oven….  And btw i still havent used the knife.  It came with a Miyagi-esque bandana to wear while you use it.

I want that Dutch Oven……


~ by Chest Rockaway on June 16, 2011.

One Response to “Kikuichi, Claire and The Gangster Whisk”

  1. It was an honor to meet you, Jay. The Kikuichi knife is the perfect accessory for a Jedi cook like you! We LOVE the photos of your exquisite cutlery and culinary explorations. A dutch oven is perfect for future gastronomical explorations. See you soon and keep up the good work…

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