Creole Fried Shrimp with Ginger Lamb Fat Fries and chile-pickle aoili

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Red wine braised duck thigh pastry with feta and cilantro.

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Had some duck thigh quarters leftover, so we braised them in red wine, chive oil and duck stock, pulled them, mixed it with a little cream and crumbled feta, and then made phylo pastried with garlic and sage butter.  Finished with fresh cilantro.  Excellent.

Caprese Skewers.

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1/2 mozzarella ball, basil leaf, cherry tomato, balsamic reduction.  The tangerine halves were initially just for presentation, but turned out to add the perfect little hint of citrus that really set it off.

Sesame Seared Ahi, Crispy Panko Fried banana, Sriracha.

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I don’t know how this came to me.  Probably one of those moments at teh prep station shoving random combinations of food into my mouth, I stumbled upon something special.  I was at the Asian market on Central Ave, and stumbled across some sashimi grade tuna, which is awesome, because I’m not sure I would be comfortable serving my guests raw ahi form Price Chopper.   

I coated one side withblack sesame, teh otehr side with white, and pan seared the two sides that had no sesame on them.  I evened out the sear with a torch, and while it cooled I fried banana sliced on the bias with a coating of tempura and panko (the american crumb-style, not the more delicate japanese flake) which gave it a nice crunch, giving way to the softer, warm banana center.  I put a dot of Sriracha on each slice, then topped it with a perfect cube of tuna.  Out they went and my guests loved them, so i was a happy cook.  Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, the Nikon wasn’t handy that day :-/ 

Why didn’t I think of this?

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Whiy didn’t I think of this?

Mothers Day Brunch.. Don’t forget about Mom!

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Heres a great way to start your Mothers Day.  I always like to do a brunch because you can do something simple for diner later and enjoy the evening.  Unless of course you’re like me and would rather be in the kitchen, in which case go for it.  I baked a pie crust in a mini tart pan and made little pie crust cups that I put aside to cool.  I “poach” my eggs by spraying some saran wrap and cracking th eegg into it, then tying it off in a little purse, which you drop right into the water for 4 minutes.  For the hollandaise i replaced the water with pickle brine and used a good amount of lime and a little white sugar, which is amazing.  Pair it with some wilted spinach in the bottom of the pie cup and its a light and super flavorful start to a great day with mom!  Also goes great with these tried and true home fries.  Enjoy :-)

How to make the perfect home fries… According to me.

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When I go to a diner they must hate me.  I order my home fries and basically tell them to ruin them.  Well done redefined.  Not that I would consider it ruined but what does a guy have to do to get some texture around here?  Well if there’s one thing I’ve made plentyyyy of times it’s fried potatoes and I think I have a great method figured out.  It’s really not that complicated, but it works.  I want a deep, brownish-red, crunchy and soft in the middle potato on my plate.

First rule is: you need lots of oil.  I mean they don’t need to be deep fried, but I would put 1/8 inch vegetable oil in the pan to start, and it needs to be hot.  Put the potatoes in the microwave whole and give them 5-10 minutes or until soft while your oil heats up.  Then coarsely chop them up, distribute them in the pan without overcrowding them and DON’T TOUCH THEM!!  That means don’t stir them, move them around, fiddle with them or anything until they are dark on one side.  When you cut up hot potatoes they are probably going to be all crumbly and falling apart to a certain degree and that’s OK, because that means more oil penetration, more surface area, and more texture and character.  Flip them once and just use your judgement from there on out.  I drain and season them on paper towels but a colander works fine too.  Also, if you have some whole cooked potatoes in the fridge, or want to microwave them ahead of time feel free.    Enjoy!